How to Pay Off Debt

My perspective is largely based on the things I’ve learned from 34 years of professional finance experience, along with trial and error from the school of hard knocks.  I would love having middle-aged sage/seasoned James to counsel 30-year-old newly married James who was trying to figure things out.  I qualify that by saying, through it all I’veContinue reading “How to Pay Off Debt”


Dear Millennials, I often joke tongue-in-cheek with my attorney wife that I can’t make her do anything, all I can do is “offer good counsel”. I’m offering the same advice to all millennials who care to take note. Trust me, as the father of four intelligent 20-somethings, I have a great appreciation for the millennialContinue reading “MESSAGE TO MILLENNIALS”

How to Build Credit

When building credit, you have to first start by getting credit. Sometimes it comes to you via unsolicited credit card offers, and sometimes it’s not so easy to figure out. Many times, it needs to be built from nothing, primarily because lenders are hesitant to offer credit to someone with no credit history. No worries, though, becauseContinue reading “How to Build Credit”

Black Lion Auto: Who We Are

I thought it fitting for our first published blog to explain Black Lion’s Mission Statement to help our audience understand what we are, why we do what we do, and what we hope to accomplish? Black Lion is a Christian-based automotive dealership focused on providing vehicles and automotive financial knowledge to the underserved. Our missionContinue reading “Black Lion Auto: Who We Are”

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